CASHIO cash hack

@veAlexCoffman @igm
now we been hack

alright then
Only the admin of the contract can perform a insider job.

Can you guys snapshot
And prodeced merkel
like solend did

samczsun Jump , paradigm FTX , and vc save whormhole the hack to keep trust in solana and weth.
Defi space garbage anyway.


thank samsczun for update.
Good luck with next one.
If @admins @moderators vc solana zug ftx and so on
can make a statement if they will bialout with merlke like solend.
We can move on. Otherwise it game over for me.
I m broke so i dont any money to be hack or invest . im done.

@igm @admin @veAlexCoffman @Crypto_notte @sunnymicrosystems
Hacker already return money back to quarry/sunny (to 100-100K LP funder) yesterday, now …need to wait how Quarry/Sunny return to users…
yeah i get it in discord . Shit , that was too much brutal
We are not fucking whales 80% here broke are below the gini cx with less than average joe.
You did not rekt richs kids tho , you reckt broke plebs very low income like me.

So can you when give our funds back ?


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