Discussion: Grant Sunny Microsystems 125,000 SBR for building the Saber fee distribution system (5 year locked)

Hello everyone. I’m Surya from Sunny Aggregator.

As discussed in a previous post, we would like to receive a grant of 125,000 SBR. Instead of vesting + lockup however, we think that us locking for 5 years might make more sense to show that we are long term aligned.

Since staking on behalf of someone else can’t currently be done via an on-chain transaction, we will receive the tokens in unlocked form and immediately stake them.

The tokens will go to @sunnymicrosystems, who has already finished the initial implementation of fees and is currently working on tests/frontend integration.

Tribeca Proposal: Tribeca - Governance By DAOs, For DAOs


Agree with this as it is needed to drive value as described in the admin fee post. I would prefer if they are to be awarded they should be locked for 5 years.

That’s amazing!
Sunny deserves it!


Hi what’s the eta on the distribution system being completed?

Sunny microsystem is one next hiden gem in solana , not only the work hard , but work well with other teams.


Four months later & 2SBR hasn’t shipped

wen clawback?