Interest bearings tokens pools for high value collateral Lego

optional thoughts in the use case of interest bearing tokens in pools

like ctokens (solend)
and parrot stability pool yusdc and yustd

They can be added as “high value collateral” in the ecosystem.
The risk is low.
Leaving core dev teams, partners, gov board tribecat members federation,
the details setup on technicals shipping delivery if it add value or not in advanced lego defi deals.
And security rust contract audits before prod.
Agenda priorities roadmaps slots to core devs teams and econometrics models forecast simulations to the quants teams and market makers.
For the commonwealht good.

Opt out


There should be separate pools for collateral that is not equivalent to the underlying. If the community (LPs) want to hold ctokens, then rewards should be moved to ctokens over time.