Proposal: Whitelist the Sunny sunSBR contract to stake into the Saber DAO

Hi all,

This is Surya, a cofounder of Sunny Aggregator. We are launching sunSBR very soon and would like to be added to the whitelist of programs authorized to lock SBR.

sunSBR will be a liquid staking derivative of SBR very similar to cvxCRV. SBR may be staked 1:1 for sunSBR.

It will distribute fees and SUNNY tokens to its stakers, and it will receive part of the Sunny LP’s earnings (around 10%) on Saber in the form of additional sunSBR.


  • Program ID: DeLockyVe4ShduKranroxPUDLQYHxz4jgWnUqa1YpNTd
  • Escrow owner: 7vauTYofpkXXgDegQL9foGuqxBWZmaUKy8yeRyATTywg

Some good news. Let’s get this done!

sunbsr Whitelist is yummy


Big fan of this, has my support