Saber Ecosystem: FAQ

Q: What is Saber?
A: Saber is a low slippage AMM for trading pegged assets on Solana.

Q: Where is Saber’s code? :computer:
A: Saber · GitHub

Q: Where is Saber’s documentation? :newspaper:

Q: What assets does Saber currently support? :moneybag:
A: Saber currently supports trading of 20 assets including USDT, USDC, BTC, FTT and a number of other wrapped and stable assets.

Q: How do I use Saber?
A: See this video to get started: How To Use Saber: Trade, Provide Liquidity, and Farm - YouTube

Q: Are LPs charged any fees?
A: The only fee charged to LPs is a .5% withdrawal fee on USDC / USDT - for discussion of this by Dylan see Discord

Q: Who is on the Saber team?
A: Saber is following the Saber Labs team on Twitter Dylan and Ian cofounded Saber Labs

Q: Who supports Saber? :handshake:
A: Saber is backed by Race Capital, Social Capital and the Solana Foundation among other great investors.

Q: Who has audited the contracts? :white_check_mark:
A: Bramah systems has performed an audit and a public one is linked here Discord. There are Solana Labs core devs in all private repos.

Q: What is the SBR token?
A: The Saber Protocol Token (SBR) Explorer | Solana is a governance token which will be used to steward the development of the Saber Protocol and collaborate with the community on key parameters including fee models.

Q: What are tokenomics and token use?
A: Find a summary of token uses, distribution, and future plans here: Introducing SBR — the Saber Protocol Token | by Saber Labs | Saber

Q: How many SBR tokens are there? :1234:
A: There is a hard cap of 10 billion tokens

Q: How can I buy or sell SBR? :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
A: Markets for SBR are at and Aldrin as well as and Bitrue. SBR is a governance token and should not be considered for speculative investment

Q: Where can I stake SBR? 🧑‍🌾
A: You can use SBR as collateral on Port Finance for rewards. Single staking coming Q4.

Q: What is the token emission schedule? :calendar:
A: Currently, 1.5mm tokens are issued per day across pools. 3.5 billion tokens will be released total. The exact rate is subject to change and can be seen live on the website

Q: "Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 0: custom program error: 0x1"
A: Make sure you are leaving enough SOL in your wallet for fees

Q: Ledger not working?
A: Enable blind signing in ledger settings

Q: how to get rewards from old farms?
A: Navigate to your affected pools, and manually change the word “quarries” to “farms” in the url, then claim old rewards. for example, change
Saber | Solana AMM to
Saber | Solana AMM

Q: I withdrew from a SOL pool, and now I have wrapped SOL - how do I unwrap?
A: Use or the native tool in the phantom wallet

Q: Where are Saber brand assets like fonts and logos?
A: Figma

Q: Where is the code to build on top of Saber swap?
A: We have an open source SDK at GitHub - saber-hq/stable-swap: Libraries for interacting with Saber's StableSwap program. 🔁

Q: Where can I find code for farms + Pools?
A: We use the quarry protocol: GitHub - QuarryProtocol/quarry: ⛏ An open protocol for launching liquidity mining programs on Solana.

Q: How can I contribute to Saber?
A: Active community members can be promoted to ambassadors. If you are looking to build on top of Saber and need help please reach out to team member.


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