Saber token utility proposals

  1. SBR used to buy exclusive access to new stable pools. Early access to popular stable pools could be valuable.

  2. Have pool entrants pledge SBR (deposit the pair plus some SBR). The longer you remain a member of the pool, the more SBR you get rebated back. Would encourage long-term participation in pools.

  3. If you want to enter a pool ‘unbalanced’, you can do so by adding SBR (either as a cost or in a rebate based on length of participation plan).

In all cases, the SBR that is paid/forfeited is burned to reduce inflation rate.

One of the issues with pools is that too much money gets into them, driving down returns for all. Pool sizes are currently self-regulating. Participants withdraw with APY is minimal.

A relationship between burning/pledging SBR and getting access to popular pools could be useful. Maybe limit the size of pools based on volume, with a SBR-based bidding process for fixed allocations?


I think these are good ideas but they will create too much friction for users of the platform. A simpler way is to just charge early withdrawal fee in SOL and/or charge deposit fee that is rebatable after period of time in SOL. The SOL can then be use to buy back SBR on the market.

  • Staking
  • Farming with SBR LPs
  • Auto-burn and balancing mechanism

That s what i would expect at the moment.



Could we just copy what Curve does? By auctioning off liquidity drawing rights? And then let people fight over Saber governance tokens to control them.