When SBR lending in Francuim sir?

GM Devs
Would mind if you are interest to list SBR with Francuim crew

Thank you , bye bye


That’s something the Francium team would need to decide.

@khaby wait for it , no need to rush, we have lot of time to accumulate with a great discount
inbound sol main ones
outbound bridge ,
than the classic wheels ftx coinbase binance gemini kraken kucoin an so on , no need to rush


Orca pools are good reward if provide sbr liquidity and also make a proposal and vote
on francuim gov board


Import a variety of targets (LP tokens, Synthetic assets and more) + Collaborate with renowned partners to create innovative DeFi strategies (04.2022 β€” 06.2022)


Modular development components + Build strategy community (07.2022 β€” 06.2023)

Imagine all defi lego with sbr vsbr and the listed sbr partner (saros and other so on) and strategies you can build with proper position sizing

Yes. I think we need to make it easier for users to deploy these types of strategies. Something we should all be thinking about. Flipside is helping research what these strategies might be so that can maybe build a structured product page to make it easier to deploy these strategies.